Every moment is a beginning(Challenge of the week)

The challenge of this week is

Every moment is a beginning…

Write your original lines as a reply to the half written line above.
Per person, only one reply is allowed. Reply with maximum likes will win. This challenge will end at midnight next Saturday.


Every moment is the beginning when i see you in my eyes ,
You are loving and beautiful just like sunshine
Remain the same as you have me all time
Never left me as i will always be incomplete with mine.
You are my love , you are my life,
Here every moment is the begining of my wife


Every moment is a beginning,
it’s never too late for a beginning,
You just need to push yourself,
Don’t thought about otherself,
Just set your mind for the right path,
And get to know about your path,
U can do anything and everything in your life,
Becuz it’s your choice it’s your life…
~anjali by @Nagma_lafzo_ka


When you think,
And than plan,
Arrange the resources,
Put that plan into action,
Becomes the bigning of the venture,
Never die spirit,
Becomes the mantra,
And it will take you to the heights,
This moment will be glorified.


Every moment is a beginning
When you learn to cease past moment.
When you learn to ease bad moment.
When you learn to please new moment.
Then you say, every moment
Is A beginning
Coz, nothing here is permanent!


We have a tie again this week. So the winners are

Congratulations @Surya_Kant and @7skywrites :bouquet:


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