Essence of our soul

The essence of good and evil
Is spare than black and white.
They are the gloomness in our souls,
Likewise they are the light.
They remain at human nature’s core,
And type virtue and sin.
They are the fundamental force,
Within the hearts of men.
They fuel our greed and selfishness,
Our pride and vanity,
They fan the flames of bigotry,
Inciting enmity.
They also teach us how to love,
And live righteous lives.
This struggle between right and wrong
Determines who survives.
The sum of every human heart
Is measured by this scale.
It will bring life to those who learn,
And death to those who fail.
Without them there would be no light
Or darkness in our souls,
No thought of who, or what we are,
No wide eyed dreams or goals.
Good and evil form our center,
Like the roots of a tree.
They’re human nature’s architect,
They are humanity.


Great reading. :heart:

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Awesome :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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thank you sissy

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