EsCtaSy for life itself

Wouldn’t it be easy, if there were more like you,
With one smile you could make all smitten.
With one utterance you could make all beam.
With one confab you could make dictum.
Wouldn’t it be easy, if there were more just like you.

The small walks, small talks,
The samll lunches l, small laughs,
The samll melancholy, small irk,
The small simper, small grin,
Brought about a respite in a bigger way.

Could have been less days spent,
Every day’s counts for itself for the happy memory.
Not knowing want holds in the future,
Yet you deserve the best of the life that is to offer.
For you are an esctasy for life itself.


Please accept my deepest respect
your hard work is really appreciable :clap: :clap: :clap:

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