Entering Auckland once more

It was very cold morning when Mr. Pant once again had to take one more flight and leaving the glorius memories in Bucharest behind he aboarded the direct 2 stop flight to Auckland that would help him reach there in 14 hours instead of long 34 hour travel and as time required it he has taken on the direct flight option and flown on with jackets on as Auckland was going to be more cold once he would reach there.
In the plane however he met some great fokes who had known of his award winning moment in Bucharest and he was congratulated as questions were fired and he also kept ansering them about the world poetry championship award ceremony.
Further few Visually impaired experts on Quizzing like sports also joined in during his flight so he was not as quiet as he usually stays during his travel vigil and hence it was a nice experience answering their queries and explaining them about the tournament that is looming ahead in Auckland from 29th of sept to 1st Oct.
And hence after some rapid flight movement and with great environment all along, the travel has come to the end and amidst the cold breeze and cool calm weather he has reached Auckland which was a great joy for him as a quizzer to be here once more and enjoy the moments coming forward.

However there are some great personals who Mr. pant have known living in Auckland and he was received by them who requested him to first have a short visit to their home and then later on go to the hostel where the Indian quiz team has been staying so he delightfully agreed and sitting on the back seat of the prominent cab of one of famous friend and sports person he travelled through first to the central Auckland location.
Here he had some photo session with them, had milk shakes as he along side with team having fasts of Navratras on, and after some smiles of joy and happy moments he requested them to go back to his place wherre the quiz team has been reciting for 3 days and with hand shakes he was off.
They dropped him closer to the hostel location, Mr. pant thanked them, and with a silent stroll down he has quietly entered the quarters.
Listening to the laughter of his team, and feeling pleased that they are enjoying, his surprise was ready and he has entered his captain room and taking out his hostel clothes had gone on to the nap before the official proceedings of the next day with the tournament could start.

Although he had slept only for 2 hours when a nock took place on his door and loud shouts of ‘welcome to Auckland’ began in chorus so when he woke up he found that his team mates has circled around and were chanting his name in joy and glory with coahch sir leading the procession which was great joy for sure.
He appreciated their gestures on who’s response vice captain told that inauguration session had been already over so she as vice captain led as He had been late to reach the country and he acknowledged the step of leadership and requested the affiliate form for the entry in the tournament which was handed by Coach sir and signing it with other official letters received in past he signed off.
After this step on move, he walked slowly to the head office of the hostel, met few more captains who has seen him walking, and shaking hands all around he submitted the last official documents to the leader board and smiled away leading his footsteps back to the recital place he settled in.
All they could do now that they could wait and have fun while the hectic schedule of the quizzing begins next day, till there was more joy to have they have some explorations to do which they proceeded in the evening for the fun of it.

Mr. Pant along side coach sir reached to connect local cab driver, preserved the food supplies of fasting, and with all agreements amongst the organising parties in local area, decided to visit Moon beach to have some peaceful time and enjoy moments of joy with nature around.
The other team mates looked enthusiastic about it, so they settled inside the cab with 10 members comprising the whole team and with a bang travelled on to 2 kms enjoying songs of their own choice while the mood was exciting.
Here at the beach, they had some evening joy, chatted about the past Auckland moments shared while they were last time here and after ansering some locals about their lifestyle and the quiz tournament, had gone back to their place with same seating arrangement through the travel.
Thus the night was closing in, fasting food services had been delivered and all that would come now is the tournament’s beginning, Till that glorious moment come, for now as it is said it’s cheers from charlie…