Entangled Rhymes


On a string, relaxes my thoughts
To my wonder, the ones i never bought
They were gifted ones by my loved ones
To cherish them and giving them different names

Though they were of no meaning
A love is a prison, in it were tied wise
However wisely , they were swimming
Finally, in it they all drowned

Less in love more in lust
They knew not, they were just
Feelings were beautiful
But intentions, very awful !


Murderous intentions sailed
In the sea of heart they trailed
Unfortunately, a ship sank
Their well planned ideas failed
They fell in depth of murk


Not one, in number of thousands they arrived
On the day auspicious they gathered
In disguise of band they misled
A man, who was a none of the plan
Thus, was made a victim in the plan


Burnt emotions, dead emotions
Merged with ashes, they were settled in hearts
Carrying desires of freedom
They were doomed to death
Discrimination! A slogan shouting fans
And thus, it was their last act on card

Kalpana’s imagination



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