Empower Women

To empower women,
We Need to kill,
Every one of the evil presences slaughtering,
Women’s’ rights and values,
Absence of education, lewd behavior,
Disparity, female child murder,
Aggressive behavior at home against ladies, assault, prostitution,
Illicit trafficking and different issues.

Empowerment of women needs a sound system,
To bring an all-encompassing improvement of the country.
The pattern of right on time marriage and labor,
Destitution, frailty, and absence of education of the folks,
Should have the ability to change.

Women can better comprehend the disservices,
The overpopulation for their family and nation,
Ready to handle the financial crises,
Women are sufficiently able to handle,
Any incautious roughness in contrast with the men,
Whether in the family or society.


Totally agree.

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