Embrace My Scorns

:black_medium_small_square:Embrace My Scorns :black_medium_small_square:

My audible and intelligible brain

Has dozed off to the subconscious state,

Forcing me to jump from your rudimentary ‘No’ to your glistening ‘Yes’.

All I can hear the symphonies of love,

The love that drips off juicily from my mouth

And dries upon reaching your skin.

Immemorial are the days

When you thrived to lick me with all your care.

Now I serve the round moon with my mourns

Tuning to the tracks of my destruction,

I reach to the extreme points

Where insanity and craziness are methodized

To smash with all their might,

Only to wrap you back in my skinny arms.

Waiting for your doors to coalesce with mine

Seems like a distance of the millennial cycle.

Love you my darling, come to me

Embrace my scorns and set me free!



Very well written… :+1:

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awesome post
surely a masterpiece :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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@thegurjyot & @Ravi_Vashisth thanks guys for your constant love & support!:heart::blush: