Elections @bengal ( No offensive please)

Politics is always a dirty game
But it is the dirtiest
in my home state West Bengal,
Here the left minded politicians
destroyed existing education system
Just to remain in power
They re-structured it
And introduced politics
In all the three tires of education…
Student, teacher and administration.

The reform damaged the system
Like a missile
Though warhead was not
Nuclear, Biological or chemical,
But it paralyzed two generations
Of West Bengal
As it was the slow poisoning policy
And completely political.
They wanted to make the youth jobless
And compelled to join party.

The need was
To educate the illiterate politicians
But they introduced politics
In the education system.
Cadres appointed as school teachers
Leaders took the command of colleges
Compelled the cream students
To join their laboratories
As experimental ginipics
In the revised system.

The communists wanted to show
A revolution in education system
But their intention was
To make the youth lame
And to pick them as cadre easily.
Partially they succeeded
And ruled the state
For thirty four years at a stretch.
And cleverly drilled several holes
On the backbone of Bengalee.

Though it was very late
But people understood their trick
And so called communist’s intention
They voted against the ruling party
To eradicate Bengal’s so called communism.
Luckily it is a democratic nation
And Government changes here
through electronic voting machine
Otherwise, it was quite certain
There would be a bloodshed. I


great effort my friend and really i too don’t want to say anything about Bengal politics, Just hope it gets better.


Hope so buddy

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