Elder Sibling!

Elder Sibling!
-Alveera Hafeez

It’s not actually as what you think,
It has got some deep and secret links,
You all think that it’s easy to be an elder child,
But you don’t know the inner feelings of this child.

You think they are rude, angry and shrewd,
That’s only the think they have showed,
They are also emotional and over thinkers,
Sometimes they also broke down with their sinkers!

They smile, hiding their tears
Because they are best at engulfing their fears,
You know them but you do not,
It’s complicated but you cannot caught!

They have been made elder when their sibling comes,
Even if they are of a year they have become responsible in terms,
And it separates them from the beginning,
It’s not as if they don’t want the love of upbringing!

But from them expectations are always high,
They also want a shoulder to cry,
They also feel lonely at times,
They also want someone to rhyme!

They need you but they will never ask for it,
So, go tell them that you are there when they need it!


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So nicely written @Alveera_Hafeez

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