Ebook's Message to the globe

There are many theories that has come, doctors are kept busy to find a solution, and even old treatments with advanced processes are tried to be applied, and lock downs like proceedings go on all over the world to not only fight this dangerous disease but also to make sure that cases come in lesser numbers and people not get effected so the vast majority won’t be disappointed by the efforts done by governments of these countries and deaths would be less as well by such disease contained in whatever way possible either lock down or certain recovery by possible treatments.
In such wake of the disease that is able to destroy more faster than others, the marketing of the new disease done with more proficiency in the age of social media where every fact is cross checked and many roomers keep spreading on, and in the ways where pressure on the authorities is created more compared to the past systems, it is vital that we keep ourselves calm and stay in unity for the cause to protect each other and respect the judgements of the authorities as well.
As an author while writing this entire poetry collection the only thought process I have in my mind was not to frightened anyone who has faced or not to criticise any country who have faced it more compared to others, but I tried as a poet to convince myself that I am writing An EBook that would convey message to the world that there may be a better scenario if roomers would have spread less, people have cooperated more to the authorities rather than retracing their own steps in mind, and still as a poet writing this EBook I would like to share the same message to all who will go through this EBook in vast majority across the world as readers that you need to be united in difficult times and if you are able to realise the problem early it will lead to a better future in all respects.
Please don’t go harsh on those who are trying to protect you, they deserve respect and cooperation, some of them have also died, many of their lives are also in hunt down by this dangerous disease, and those who wish to politicise it whether they are any nation from East to West they may seek sense before doing so as it will also take more lives and they should better waste their energies in saving their citizens, At last stay safe, be responsible and help everyone not just your own because this world is one big fraternity and difficult times call for togetherness of all, Happy health to all and Happy reading…