Early joy of Warming fumes

This book is a vivid piece of work in form of natural poetry that was first published on 5th of September 2019 by Indian Visually impaired author Saurabh pant from Lulu Publisher Inc and the way it has been loved and enjoyed by the world is a great feeling to have for him as an author for a start as it has hit around 100 digital stores and is well ranked in certain stores to share the joy of the same.
Usually it is good to mention that the social media support on certain websites has been a great blessing, the downloads both paid and outsource on the online portals has gone well, and the reviews that have reached the review team of Mumbai offices is a positive sentiment to share, and what makes the moment joyous that it has an impression in the form of natural poetry as liked by the readers across the wworld for which Mr. Pant feel both gratified and elated and hope that the work should continue to be close to heart of the readers who have enjoyed it till now and more to come should be a treat as well.
In the form of Ebook the work is well read on Ibooks and Kindle, is available in 8 languages on Scribd, has been well responded on Nook ap of Barnes and Noble, is well highlighted as a new work on Amazon various stores that also include the 2 new ones being Arabia and Singapore, and on Kobo the work is appreciated in a great way and Lulu as always with its global distributors across all 6 continents is a great impression for which the Author wishes to gratify all and he hopes that the love and support for the Ebook shall continue to be on the core.
In the coming months to follow what he expects as an author that people continue to enjoy the same work, He will try to share more reviews of the same on his social media platforms, he also wishes to have the work on those portals which are somehow left in the quick succession of galore, and till more happy moment come all he can do for now is to cherish the early delight of Warming Fumes, till more such joy come for now its cheers from charlie…


brother, you always bring something extraordinary and I always enjoy such nice, elaborative and very fine writing pieces.
my wishes are with you always :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks a lot for enjoying my content, will carry on to create more…

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