Early days of Quiz world cup 2020

Despite all challenges folding around the world, the problem of virus looming and people douting whether the tournament should take place or not, It was still great feeling for all the teams and captains that the Quiz world cup of visually impaired haven’t been haulted and it was going to start on 30th of March expanding till 3rd of April 2020 itself. Hence all the teams were helped on to travel inside the lock down situations around the world via the port key system of travelling different places to reach to Belgium and after all have come to the country it was all going to be a great atmosphere and an amazing arrangement by the country’s disability forum and Letorth sports club itself. Mr. Pant along side the other 3 captains of the top ranked team felt delighted to be part of such moments and it was at least going to take place amidst all corona virus lock downs and pressure thus it was going to be a great feeleing as soon the world cup would begin and competitive environment would go on.
The inauguration of the world cup took place in evening of 29th of march and here the top ranked 4 teams were asked to carry along their flags with their captains in a public march besides whom the other 116 teams participating would follow the procession. Mr. Pant took the lead here and along side the other 3 top ranked teams including Switzerland, Norway and Japan proceeded with the flag moving procession feeling proud for his country and his other team mates marched along with him with was a great joy to be part of. Once that was done an official vegetarian dinner was arranged for all at the European Union parler house by the Prime Minister of Belgium and the other partners involved including Belgian Disability forum and the Letorth sports club and there all the captains greeted each other and had a professional hand shake. Now all that was going to happen that the quiz world cup would begin from the next day and with happy feeling coming soon Mr. Pant along side his team went back to their place.
The first day of the quiz world cup started with the 120 teams participating in the braille round and here the braille technology like Orbit from india was also incorporated to read the questionire as the teams filed one by one in diferent shelves locations arranged for them to read and answer in different devices. The certain portable braille slates, Braille type and the Portable braillers were part of the machines involved in the 1st braille round and Mr. Pant sitting on the 3rd shelve no being the world 3rd ranked team seated along side his team to be ready and get on the move. Once the announcement happened, some cheers from the local crowd would be heard and all ready the teams were off and it was good to see that Indian team was on the move and the other players were also typing well on the slates and machines and at the end of the 1st braille round India finished 5th which was great feeling for the captain yet he wanted more speed to come soon.
However after gap of an hour or so the second braille round started and the teams who have crossed the 1st round stayed in their allocated shelve to take on the challenge and earlier machines were removed by masked volunteers who have sanitised well and new braille technologies including computers were added to the positions to make the round more effective for sure. In the 2nd braille round it was going to be braille technologies including the Duxbury braille type, the Thordencohr of European design, and the Monns braillejack specially designed for the visually impaired quizzers and Mr. Pant and the others who have prepared for it were ready to go in the 2nd braille round. Once the whistle blew, the crowd remained shouted loudly and all ready the teams have started to burst more fast and it was good to see that Mr. Pant’s encouragement was effective as his team started to do more fast effort compared to the 1st round and at the end of the round the team retained their space coming to 3rd number.
Although these braille rounds were saddening for some teams as they didn’t do enough to keep up with the speed and at the end of both rounds few teams have to go back packing their bags and the portkey system arranged well for their safe travel amidst all the lock down and problems going around was good. In the end of the 1st braile round, around 16 teams had to leave home and a photo session was arranged in which the crowd clapped for their participation and they were handed their certificates. The same procession went on after the 2nd braille round as well and more 16 teams had to pack their bags with sad smiles and goodbyes for all of them and prayers for their safe return back home. Now it was amidst the 88 teams to participate in the next round that will be in 2 typing stage with 1 happpening in Bruges and the other one in Ardenns and all the teams were looking forward to do their bit at large.
After gaining official emergency travel passes from the officials, the top ranked 4 teams along side the other 84 remaining headed to Bruges 1st where the first typing round was going to take place. Here after a short welcome, the shelve seating arrangement and all done nicely, the typing round got started an in the 1st round the softwares such as Supernova, Voice over and the Crome fox were brought into use with their European accent and Mr. Pant’s team who have used their first reserve player were up for the challenge in the 1st typing round taking place in Bruges on 31st of March 2020. The team did well to keep the game moving, the speed were well managed, and it was very delightful to find that team has progressed more furious and fast and they have smoothed up to 2nd position keeping Japan behind and it was a good competition. With gratifying the officials, having the next emergency pass to travel and leaving the happy effort behind, the remaining teams went to Ardenns.
Once the teams have reached to Ardenns, they were again given a huge cheery welcome by the crowd gaining despite all corona problems happening around, and it was good to see their gesture and gratitude supporting the Quiz world cup and here the remaining quiz teams were asked to go for the 2nd typing round for which they wer ready to boost their confidence. In the 2nd typing round, the softwares such as JAWS, NVDA and TTS like Samantha were used to nice proficiency and the teams performed well which was a great show in all. Mr. Pant has explained the team what to do and it was only matter of time that others would come to game and join party and it did happen so as the indian team kept their 2nd position saved going into the knock out stage and all the team members were pleased with the impact as well.
Although again like in the braille round few teams would have to go home due to their slow speed and they were knocked out due to their slowness and lack of accuracy and though the top ranked teams fel sad for them thence they all felt gratified for spirit of the game with such approach. In the 1st typing round held in Bruges, 12 teams have to go home packing their bags and again they were handed their certificates and a photo session of all the teams which was heartening. Similarly at the end of 2nd typing round 12 more teams had to go home packing their bags and one more photo session with their certificates given was all over for them. Now it is only matter of time in a different city like Gent that the knock out would start from Round of 64 and Mr. Pant with his team including the other 63 wait for the clash at large.
Hence as far if the performance of the Indian team be counted, they haven’t let the team down and the remaining reserve player would be tried soon as the knock out would begin and the hope is that even in such difficult times the happy news would continue to blend in and all the teams are extremely gratified to Belgium sports ministry and embassies for such a great arrangement. The teams are looking for more happy moments as the days of the quiz world cup would unfold and they are hoping that they would continue to get such a fantastic support with other countries also contributing for the disability sector despite all the lock down and infection challenges in front of them. All that is needed that the proceeding of calmness be continued with such an indoor game inside the shelves stage arrangement with ease, and if all go well it would be of great joy amidst all the pandemic going on in the world with hopes and blessings for all to be happy and stay safe…

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