Dreamt Of

Dreamt Of
-Alveera Hafeez

Busy with our lives,
Struging for our hives,
Endulged with our work,
Forgot to have Perk!

Running blindly after it,
Having no time to sit,
Was this the life we dreamt of?
Without having enjoyment and laugh!

Finding ourselves alone,
Accompanying with a phone,
Was this the partner we thought?
Which can only make us rot!

Having no time to relax,
Earnings going in luxuries and tax,
Was this the expenditure we wished?
Wasn’t it better if we could had her dish!

Are we living what we dreamt?
Are we living for the people who meant?
Are we working for our goals?
Or are we stuck on opposite poles??



Beautiful. :heart:

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Thank you so much :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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Beautifully written!!:blush::+1:

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Thank you!:heart::heart::heart:

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