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She was filled with a desire that her heart was afraid to give a name to. She fought battles inside her to enshroud it, for every time that she talked about her longing, people strangled a fraction of it to death and buried it deep in her bones, corpses of which she had to carry.

“What was the desire she was filled with?” I can hear you question.

Well, she was filled with the same desire you might have once been filled with. The same desire society never fails to sink its fangs into, to spread its venom. The same artistic desire, people take pride in deflating the balloon of.

She dreamed of being an artist, of painting magic on canvases, of bleeding blue and scarlet and turquoise and pink. But society talked of her dream as if it was possessed, and incanted pieces of advice in order to carry out exorcism.

“Which moron thinks of being an artist after having scored 99% in 10th boards?” Mrs. Sharma questioned.

“My son has put me to shame by scoring a mere 85%, yet I will not let him opt for anything but non-medical,” Mr. sharma explained.

“Oh! So you plan to beg tourists at Sukhna Lake to get their sketches done for a mere 500-rupee-note?” her friends mocked.

She was now tired of being told that her dream wouldn’t fetch her enough, that she would need much more in order to lead a happy life, that she would regret her decision. But for once, she wanted not to think of money but happiness, for once she wanted to break her orbit and float wild through her decision, for once she wanted to be unbounded and fathomless.

She wanted contentment and none but hues could have given her that pure feeling. So that day, rather than having fought with it, she fought for it.

5 years later

Her third painting has been sold for ₹9,500 in the exhibition. Seems less? Oh, never mind! It is anyway more than the amount Mr. Sharma son spends in buying his class 11th H.C Vermas and A. Das Guptas.

Even Mrs. Sharma has cleverly changed her side and says, “Having been blessed with a talent that makes one earn at the age of 18, only a moron wouldn’t have thought of becoming an artist.”

Also when kids approach her at Sukhna, she creates their sketches for free, signing it off as-

Dreams are beautiful. Follow them! :slight_smile:



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