Dreams and passion

To achieve something great in the world you need Passion
To fulfill vision, a great leader’s courage comes from Passion
Whatever it may be, you must find your Passion
If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins
Follow your passion and success will follow you!
"Passion and happiness have a very close relationship, as has been explored in both Tamasha and YJHD as well. However, the relationship is not as simple as it may seem. Psychologist Robert Vallerand has explored this in a theory, where he identifies dual models of passion : Harmonious and Obsessive, depending on how the passion is associated with the person’s identity.

Obsessive passion is toxic and self destructive. The sense of excitement derived from it is so uncontrollable that it has the tendency to take over your life, your relationships and your identity. Conversely, Harmonious passion is associated with more restraint and self awareness. The activity occupies a significant but not overpowering space in your identity and is in harmony with other aspects of your life.

When I saw Tamasha, I had this fleeting thought that Ved is who Bunny would have become had he not pursued his passion of travelling the world. They’re both characters so strongly associated with their passions, that they’d crumble if you take it away. We experience Bunny’s journey as he dreams and lives his passion, but we don’t really see him as being truly happy until he’s back to his old life. He’s the happiest while being around the people that he loves. That doesn’t take away from the fact that his passion is still of the utmost importance for him. It’s just that it had taken over his life so much that he had let a part of himself go in the process. His passion was turning into borderline obsessive, which needed an anchor to his old self to become harmonious again, which he finds in the form of Naina.

Ved’s journey is exactly the opposite, as his anchor (Tara) is a means to his passion, which is the old self he had left behind in this case. I often think about what happened to Ved after the events of the film. The film leaves us with the belief that Ved is finally happy. But given how strongly his identity was linked to his passion, it’s very easy to fall in the trap of obsession, resulting in the same circle of negative emotions that he was trying to escape.

It’s important that as conversations around following our passions are taking centre stage, we remember that passions come with their own sets of challenges. Passions can make us immensely happy, but only as long as we’re self aware enough to not let them control us."

In our second post in the #cineverse series, I attempt to explore the relationship between passion and happiness in the context of the two Ranbir Kapoor films : Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Tamasha.


Great elaboration, I must say. :black_heart: