Don't give up on yourself

Do you know, you have a beautiful soul with a beauty of mind?
Yes, I am talking with you.
I know sometimes we as a human being,
Doubt what we have with ourselves
And chase for temporary happiness
Carrying loads of responsibilities on our shoulder
But running out of it is never a solution
If I am not wrong;
You have attempted a suicide
Fortunately, you’re saved
Now one more taste is added
Not in your tongue
But in your soul
That is, you have a taste of death
I know you hustle all day long
Calm down
You are nearer to accomplish your goals.
Depression is a disease
No less than as moving forward to the grave
Hardly any motivation works at times
However, you inhale for the sake of our dear ones
This shall too pass
Just appreciate yourself
How far you have walked in this journey
Committing suicides is never a solution to any problems
Nor settlement is.
I know you’re suffering a lot
But outcomes of your patients are gonna worthwhile
Surround yourself with people
Who lifts you ups to reach your goals
And subtract toxicity in your life
I know you have trust issues with people
From the day, when you lose your best friend
It’s alright to unmask people
Blessed to all negative experience
Due to them, today you are so strong
No one dares to raise questions about your past
All you need is to be mentally prepared for the outcome
When you look back to yourself
You may remember my words
As a strong pillar of your growth
You are an example of a perfect gentleman
I request you not to end your life
For your unsettled queries,
For your economic downturn,
For your loneliness
Turn your social isolation into creativity
Explore yourself and make your name as an identity of yourself



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You said it so beautifully. :heart:
Sending love to you too. :heart:
Welcome to YoAlfaaz, keep posting more, looking forward. :heart:

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Beautiful beginning :heart: welcome to yoalfaaz​:heart:

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u can also gave this poetry in our motivation competition too it’s too dam so gud… :heart_eyes: @leenasfsha


Thank u

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