Life is a formula of decisions. More tricky than trigonometry. And complex than algebra.

From which school to join to which company we opt everything is based on decisions. Then why are some decisions we make aren’t into actions.

Why do we fail in taking our decisions without fears, doubts, and making excuses to ourself.
Why is that we think it could it be risky when it can be presumptuous shelf.

We aren’t here to fit in a bottle of being good.
We are here to be that bottle of good.
This mediocre life needs a exceptional you.
Be a role model to more than few.

We need to remember that, the excuses we make are nothing but seducers.
Fears are liars.
And our doubts are theives.
Taking your footsteps back maybe a solution to your fears.
But taking one step ahead would be an answer to those fears.
Make sure that a year from now you will be happy that you’ve made this choice today.
Now it’s your decision to give it a try or to be a coward and run away.


very nice post, and impressive too. @Inked_solace7
It’s hard to implement such but really effective if one do so.
It helps in creating a new you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank youu :blush:


Taking inspiration

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:grin::two_hearts: lots of love

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