Death or hiroshima

Death of Hiroshima

oh! How i remember,
with grief and pain.
A black page in my heart’s
They people wanted to be
superior and perhaps killer in
other sense.
I see ,it’s a day with
fine morning of sunny skin.
And the land was sleeping,
till it knew it had been raped.
I never knew what would
because i was humanity.
That gun and bullets
and wars and the warriors.
Then i see a child of sweet
But you see,now i am dead.
You killed me long ago .
You human ; i am humanity.
But you’re derived of me
because of attacked stealthily.
and clouds of smoke.
Bodies over bodies and death
over life. Buildings in debris.
You killed one morning’s , i
shed blood tears.
I found red water all around.
No, you were not a human.
You were the creature ,who
wanted peace perhaps it was
of silence and death.
I am dead ,i am Hiroshima.
©Kavita verma


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