Dear pizza how are you

Dear Pizza,

The earliest memories I have of you is from the new mall that had opened near our house. After the movie that we saw in the spanking new theater, we were lured in by the scent of freshly baked bread and cheese from the Pizzeria. I took my first bite of my Margherita pizza, and oh, I was in love.
Yes remember maa had said that you are tasty and baba said that this is awesome really rememberdownload
Then I was introduced to this wonderful universe called home delivered pizza and the delivery man became my best friend. Soon enough, everything that happened in life was an excuse to have you. Distant relatives visiting? Pizza. Good marks? Pizza. Bad marks? Pizza. It’s raining? Pizza. Broken heart? Pizza. New love? Of course, Pizza!

I’ve always had a soft corner for the home made pizzas that Ma would make. She’d make the tomato sauce which was the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. She’d chop the vegetables in a perfect order. She’d not be a miser when it came to the toppings. And always, she’d sprinkle extra cheese on my pizza.

You are something that this world, which is always so full of anger and pain, can be together on. It isn’t just food for so many of us. That long strand of cheese as we take a bite gives us happiness, the warm crust of the yiu gives us peace and keeps us away from all our problems and troubles for the time that we have you in front of us.

So here’s to all the kinds of pizzas. Thin crust, thick crust, extra spicy, extra cheesy, the ones sold in Naples or the ones at your nearest Dominos, to the pizzas overloaded with toppings, to the simple ones, to the Hawaiian pizzas (okay, no), thank you for being there for us when we needed you.

Love, a pizza lover.


Hi- five, Foodie. :heart:

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Hehe hi five cutiepie

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