Dear Krish (dedicated from the noble character)

What struck me most about you was your authenticity. You were not the hero in over stylized clothes and you did not dance around to fancy songs. You were a simple college guy, who spoke simple words and kept it real all along.

Throughout the movie, you won me at several points with your genuineness. It started from a very simple confession of love to the girl you so dearly loved, no fancy arrangements or filmy acts there. When she asked you for committment, the way you explained and justified your love, again, oh so simply- “…toh clear hai na Ananya, I love you.” You showed everyone that a relationship is never a flamboyant affair, but conscious little efforts put together to make it beautiful.

Your plan was perfect- a decent education, a decent job, taking efforts for your love and convincing both the families to win the love of your life at the end. It broke me a little when your efforts did not bear fruit for quite some time and you had to struggle to get the basic acknowledgement from her family. But the way you proposed her entire family after winning over everyone individually, has definitely raised up the bars for all those who want their love marriages accepted and their weddings arranged happily by the families. It is indeed difficult to stay away from your love, keep doing a job that you hardly care about, live with a family that perhaps cannot cope up with the person you are becoming and yet be hopeful and still want to work towards those Indian wedding processes. But you did it all.

You tried the best you could to bridge the distance in your relationship and most importantly, you let your girl be the bold, outspoken woman that she was. A man who feels secure when he sees his woman winning, who raises up his voice when his mother is being disrespected, who helps the girl’s mother pursue her passion is a man who I can call a hero. Despite graduating from two of the best colleges in the country, you did not run after a regular job. You chose what your heart desired and that courage helped many of us be a rebel and dare to listen to our hearts. Your story was a hero for sure, but so were you!"