Dear Gurudev

You have been my muse,
since the day I looked into your thoughts.
my thoughts blot in you,
and you inspire me in what all I do.
Simple or complicated, you help to get it through,
you are the missing thought of my heart,
you give me words to complete,
the eternal beauty to all that I dream.
You are my muse to of my poems,
you are the reason I believe in romance,
You are the man that inspires in me,
you are the source of my extremities.
you stops my world and quiets all noise.
you have been inspiration to all I have written,
Inspiration craves a poetic artistry
inked with perspective insight,
carved each line like a woven tapestry
delivered with the intention to delight.
To interlink words in rhyming formation
each stroke performed with uninformed thought.


Love love love…

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Thank you so much :hugs::grin:

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