Dear avengers

"Dear Avengers,

Marvel Cinematic Universe,

I was introduced to your world almost a decade back when a friend told me about some guy who’d made an armour suit to save himself from being held hostage. And then I found myself at the movies that very weekend, sitting through a story that I didn’t know was going to change the way I look at the world, and its people. And so it did, from the moment I heard the guy confess: “I am Iron Man.”

From spending days on end discussing plot twists & character graphs, to keeping a track of what’s next on the board - I have done it all. I have stood in queues for long hours just to get that one remaining ticket of a 7am show (I’m talking about Infinity War), and have set alarms just to ensure that I’m awake when a new movie teaser comes around. And none of this is to say or prove how big a fan I am of your world but to tell you about the kind of impact you’ve had on the lives of kids like me, over the years.

I remember telling my grandpa that I want to become like Captain America when I grow up, and how he taught me that the first step of taking over the world is to become a good person. Or the way I was convinced that Rocket could be my perfect pet, even though he’s a weird racoon who sends e-mails. MCU, you’ve built an entire universe of power and magic inside me that I am going to trade for no other. I have not just marvelled at your cinema but lived it more fully than I have lived my own life.
It is the today, which means that I have just watched Endgame, and even though my mouth’s too dry from feeling & crying too much, I want to thank you for making my childhood such a joyous ride. I urge all the fans to not spoil the movie for the ones who haven’t lived it yet, and keep the heartbreak that has come with it, safe and quiet. Thanos might or might not end up keeping the Infinity Stones, but I want you to believe in the power of goodness infinitely. Your favourite Avenger might be dead or living, but come what may, promise me that their spirit will continue to live in you, regardless of whatever it takes.
To say that we’ve had a hard journey would be making an understatement. We’ve come a long way, you and me. You may not be real, but you guys taught me how to care, how to love, how to dream, how to live for others, how to seek adventures. You taught me how to look at life from a different perspective, helped me find my real friends and my own strength.

Thanos (as confirmed by the Russo Brothers in an interview) is about a thousand years old. In his humungous lifespan, he has seen a lot of destruction and depletion of resources. And all of this has brought him to believe that there are more lives in the universe than it can provide for. He witnessed it firsthand on his own planet and still grieves that he was helpless to stop it then.

Thanos is not power hungry. Anyone else in possession of the six stones would only try to rule the galaxy, but not Thanos. He is not egotistical about being one of the most powerful beings in the universe, he is simply self-aware.

During the battle on Titan, Thanos already had five infinity stones with him. He could have lain armies of Iron Men and Doctor Stranges to waste, yet all we see him try to do is to get them out of his way. He knows that they will not be convinced of his purpose, and he does not have the time to try. He also knows that every opponent of his is weaker than him, but he has the maturity to understand their motivations. He empathizes with Wanda when she has to kill Vision, someone she loves, as he had just done that sometime back.

Thanos feels only he understands that the universe needs balance. He is “cursed with knowledge”, which maybe is why he relates to Tony Stark. Tony, in Age of Ultron, was also the only one who realized that the world needed an armor to protect it. Thanos respects Stark and relates to his intent, which is why he hopes that Stark is remembered, as Thanos also hopes that he himself is remembered for his purpose. “I know what it’s like to lose,” he says, because he has lost a great deal while working towards his goal. “…to feel so desperately that you are right yet to fail all the same,” because that is what happened with him on his own planet, where they branded him a ‘Mad Titan’ because of his genocidal tendencies.

The look on Thanos’s face at the end, sitting and watching the sunrise, conveyed more than just relief. It conveyed grief, loss and a sense of accomplishment. And it definitely did not convey victory or triumph because winning over Avengers was never his motive

You made me laugh, you made me cry. It has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Thank you for telling me that it’s okay to fall at times, to not be someone people want you to be because all we have to do is get back up and be who we actually are.
I guess we will all have our superhero moment just like Wanda had ‘You step outside that door, you’re an Avenger.’ Who knew that Nick Fury’s idea to bring together a group of superheroes would actually work? I guess he just believed in it and in you guys, just like all of us did.

Each one of you had your own share of ups and downs but just like Captain said, you guys stuck together and fought all of it.

I am writing this to you guys with tears in my eyes. We’ve come a long way from where it all started. Seeing Tony transform from a self obsessed genius to a father figure to Peter, seeing all of you fight against Loki to seeing him sacrifice his life for Thor and Asgard, to see all of you do whatever it takes, it has been one hell of a ride. I hope he is seeing you from above Thor, he loved you, he really did.

A part of the journey is the end. Right Tony?

All I want to say is that I’ll always be with you, thank you for existing and making me believe in myself. I believe in you guys and if there is any single possibility of you guys living in a parallel dimension, I would find my way to you. I’ll need a hand from Scott and Hope though. With you till the end of line xX.



Iron Man is my favourite