Darling your love


Your love is a gem embedded inside me
Which enrich me.
Embellish me.

Your love is a plant transplanted inside me.
Which grows me.
Flowers me.

Your love is a star placed inside me.
Which glimmer me
Enlight me.

Your love is a ocean inside me.
Which calms me.
Cools me.

Darling your love , love, love…
Add attributes to me.
Transforms me.
And most important
Your love is a part of me.
Close to me.
Made just for me.

~Dipti Raj


Nicely written
Welcome to @yoalfaaz family
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Thank you so much. :blush:

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too gud i actually dreaming what ever u wrote tooo gud dear @Dipti

So beautifully expressed. :heart::heart:
Welcome to YoAlfaaz. Keep posting. :heart: