Dark circled man

Nowadays dark circles has been formed in his eyes
Still he keeps on duty without denying, seasons keeps
Changes but still he won’t take a leave one off his friends
Wenders and what was the reason why he was not going home
Later they come to know about he is all alone and was a heartbroken
Person. He was a true inspiration to all. One fine day there was a alert
In the camp he was assigned for a mission with his followers he
Reached the camping before reaching the camp he made a fire goal that
No one will get wounded or dead will not happen. Soon after rescuing the
Hostages ,the one with alive was made to walk through the camps the
Rain shed still they continue the captured one was so intelligent he get loose by the thread which was tied he pushed the two of them behind taking the knife he stabbed dark circle eyed one and later stubbed himself
Both of them was taken hospital but the dark circle one on his dark bed
With placing his hands on heart he without trouble or uttering of the words he says " “ I won’t die in an accident or die of any disease i will go down in Glory. saying this he left with a pride. Everyone was shocked and confused about his death. He is the motivation to the camp. His name was scripted later on the walls.


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