Dance with him

If a man can wrestle God and win
Then the devil has no chance
And if the prideful angel comes
He will fall before my hands

I am not saying that my faith is strong
Nor am I filled with pride
I just know what I am made of
And the strength I have inside

There is nothing in this world I fear
Neither death nor being forgotten
The first is unavoidable
The latter feeling is all too common

I have been through hell on earth
And the flames have left their mark
They forged me into something harder
And in my eyes they left a spark

Very rarely do they ignite
But on occasions when they do
The source of the explosion
Would do best to leave the room

For in that exquisite moment
I truly forget myself
Filled to the brim with wrath
And just want to share the wealth

If he truly is behind my pain
If he’s the poison in my well
I will show him a level of hurt
Revelations could not foretell

I’ll send him screaming back to hell
At the conclusion of my advance
But I plan to take my time with him
A slow and steady dance


The flow is wow

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Take love from this side, you write so good. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Thank you so much

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Taking love sending you digital hugs