Current Crisis

There is a concern of more considerable significance than any of those commonly gleaned from the current coronavirus crisis. It is the possibility that a spiritual message from God could go overlooked.

My point is we should affirm the value of the healing arts as a gift from God. Indeed, there is much that medicine can do for us. Still, it has its limits. Its practitioners are not gods. They possess no sacral mystique but are fallible human beings like the rest of us.

People with faith in the Lord of creation know it is only God who is never in error. Only God is having complete control. And although we would not readily dismiss the blessings of medical research and practice, only God truly has the power to heal.

Health experts are working around the clock to contain the virus and to find a vaccine. Things appear promising. Yet everything could turn on a dime. The virus could mutate into something more infectious and lethal. Infections could spread beyond the capacity to handle despite the medical community’s best efforts. The death toll could escalate into thousands upon thousands.

Other variables include the severe weakening of our economy, which could not only leave us with hospitals overflowing with the ill, but our streets filled with the hungry and homeless. Only God knows, and ultimately our plight is in his hands, not the doctors and medical scientists that are seeking to provide a solution. Neither can the government save us nor the funds from celebrities of anycast and creed?

A government like medical science is meant to serve us, but the government must always be eyed with a healthy dose of scepticism, especially in an hour of crisis. Governments have a penchant for capitalizing on crises as a means of extending their powers and reducing our liberties. It’s a point of tremendous consternation for some people that God would be at the heart of a calamity.

It’s however, a jagged reality pill that must be taken if we would be spiritually healthy. Yes, God may use trouble to send a message, to make us reflect, to cause us to take introspection, to change our direction, and reshape our persons. How we respond to Him can make a difference. So, It’s high time for us to come together and pray to God.


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