Coz, Oh my love!

I unfolded my secrets before you.
That hidden me is revealed before you.
And after knowing me, the way you stared.
Haunted me to death.
This is with first time, am scared being with you.

But baby, there’s one more thing hidden inside me.
I never said that to you, maybe I will never say it too.
Am falling for you.
Your eyes is a like a deep dark pit.
The more u look at me.
The more deeper I fall into it.
And I have fallen very deep inside.
No guts to come outside.
it’s too dark inside.
Am waiting for you to come with a lantern.
To enlighten my love.
Coz this pounding heart
Need your arms to calm it down.
Coz Oh my Love!
I have fallen for you.
And these words will always stay in my diary.
Hope my story too ends with a happily ever after.
Just like those tales of fairy.


Beautifully written. :heart:

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Brilliant as usual

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Thank you so much

Thank you dear😁

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great piece…
may your story be like fairly tales :blush:


You’re most welcome :blush:

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Thank you so much :revolving_hearts:

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Loved this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Happy to know that :blush: