Corona Struck Our Door

Dad is all alone in hospital,
That was which I dreaded the most,
He was tested positive for Covid,
And now he has to face it all alone !

I too tested positive with him,
As I was with him all along,
Helping and taking care of him,
But, it was just some fever and fatigue I had !

My brother, his wife and kids,
All Covid positive, with fever and cough,
They are getting better, one by one,
My sister too is fine now !

It’s three weeks now, all recovered,
Except Dad who succummed to it,
He fought all alone and gave up,
In just seven days time !

He was in hospital, just for a week,
When not well, weak and tired,
Difficult for him, to manage on his own,
Sorry Daddy, we couldn’t be there beside you !

God bless you and take you in his arms,
Forgive you and welcome you inside heaven’s doors,
We dread this September 2020 and Corona,
You know its dangers, only when it strikes your door !

Jacqueline Lobo John


Wish for strength and blessings upon you and your family. :open_hands:

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Thank you @unknown_soul
We need both , strength n blessings❤️

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Always❤️ @Jacqueline

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Yes Dear @unknown_soul❤️

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