Corona Gone, Our Bonds strong 🥰

We are all stuck at home,
Let’s use this time to bond well,
Earlier we didn’t have the time for that,
Each of us was at a different pace!

Running to the office or school,
Busy with deadlines to be met,
Or preparing for exams ahead,
Or just busy with the daily routine!

Now, is the golden time at hand,
To sit and talk our lives plan,
To eat and play and make merry,
To love each other and strengthen our ties!

Reassure each other as a family member,
We are always there for one another,
Be it the corona or anything else,
We together will fight it out very well!

We are all here indoors for a cause,
For the corona not to spread as fast,
Social distancing and washing hands often,
We are doing it all, to keep the virus at bay!

We carry on like this for a few more days,
And strengthen our bonds with extra love and care,
We stand united and fight the corona away,
Our future will be, corona gone, our bonds strong!


Well written mam

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Thank you @Adithyan_ks

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Bohut accha hai mam :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Thehouseoflekhani