Conquer with love

Setting the course for success
You march on forward…
Controlling your thoughts
You enter the realm…
I would be holding here all the flaws.
All the glitches around…
Stitching all the dots…
I would be watching you all over…
Flying to your dreams and destiny
You go with unicorn wings.
I would be collecting feathers .
Touching your glory
You achieve success.
I would be smiling… looking at your joy
You love… are the warrior queen…
Destiny awaited to catch the glimpse…
–Pratik Patil



Such beautifully written. :heart::heart:

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Wonderful post

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Beautiful Penned :heart::heart:

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Thank you so much​:black_heart::grin:

:black_heart: thank you

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:two_hearts::heart: :grin: shukriya​:heart:

nice @Pratik

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:black_heart:thank you