Conflict of Public Relations

This book is a vivid piece of work on Public relations by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that was published by support of British Royal Public located in Indian UK Embassy back on 16t of August, 2019.
A research work that focuses the agencies, cultural set up and background of authorities that work for the Public relations- the book is a research work and tries to highlight the major challenges that are faced by the authorities around world and in UK for the support of public in varied ways.
The author has tried to use the Apa technique of research in the work, the references are taken from various Public relation agencies reports and survey management aspects around UK and in various continents, and thence it is a work that would surely excite readers and has already made a common mark amongst the readers of the author in Delhi, London and in Dublin, and Moscow and He hopes for a great response.
Thus it is a work on the social challenges of agencies, tries to give a potent concept of the social empowerment for the groups working in the field of the public relations, and thence a generous work that would certainly make mark as far the Author expects it to be, Till more such happy moments come, It’s cheers from charlie…