Confessions are nothing

except the crumbled bedsheet

you feel too lazy to dust them off,

get them the look of a very new one.

On an extreme sunday,

you found yourself

stuck in the cupboards of nothingness,

you get up, think and choose to clean it

until all its dirts get vanished.

You never noticed the other six days

it carried all the shits

you’ve kept in your heart,

completely locked

and then forgot the keys to open again.

You not only forgot,

it seems you pre planned to throw

the keys for others,

for others to find and poke you to that

extreme level where you’re too helpless to suppress.

A long sigh! You could’ve washed them off before.

Atlast you noticed and poured your heart

and your confessions are now all free,

just like you rescued your day-off from

the very next movie on your list

and turned your bedsheet

into the pure white one.

On an exhausted tuesday

your voice grows dark,

you are agonizing over

what you never did,

you now feel like

confessions are nothing

but the sand dust loosing

from your grip, completely,

making you tinier in self-loath

and all your hatred stands grandeur

in front of yourself.

“Runnnn”, your mind shrieks,

while your mind starts running,

and your body still remained caged.

You promised yourself

last week to never let your soul

shake hands to the owner of rat-race

and suddenly you forgot.

Now you’re entrapped,

tired writing the pages

they’ve visually stamped on your heart,

a sleek belly, as sleek as a pin,

a clear bumpless skin, whiter than snow,

smoother than marble.

You’re more than just boundaries

made by the humans for the humans!

Now confessions turn

into an unsure destiny,

and you procrastinate to start it off

not knowing the ensuing result.

Confession is an unmapped distaste

until and unless you start hugging

your own pen and write your poetry,

until you kill that very fear of reaching destiny.

Fix it quick until it unfixes your stitched pieces.

Vomit the curls of confession

taste the righteousness

touching your puff belly now!



Great. :handshake:

One of the nicesest piece I read these days.