Come hand in hand

Nature, come
Please come and find me
Reach for my hands
And let me rise and soar high
If none shows no interest
Then, let’s walk together
Let’s share our thoughts
As we walk the shores
Leaving my imprint on the sands
And yours in the roar of the ocean
Send the wave; let it rise so high
Calm it down but let it touch me
Before it leaves
Let’s see the beauty of the forest:
Passing through all wonderful creatures
Creeping and flying
They give a perfect sketch
To the memory of time~
beautiful, beautiful this song I hear
And I shall sing along with them
Let’s fly together to the skies
Sitting in the castles of clouds
Waving at the rising sun in the horizon
That gives this cloud its golden looks
Blue glow -
the sky rise and through the winds
We all fly
Let’s climb the mountain
To see the past
And walk down the valley
To create a new path
For someone someday might need it
To walk the path in life to rise
No matter what is heard or seen,
one doesn’t know what lies between
your neighbor and a happy scene.
A person may be fighting pain
or leaning on a broken cane.
Compassion’s beat is so germane.