-Alveera Hafeez

I was small, everyone called me their doll,
I was gently picked up by them if I fall,
I used to giggle and play,
The whole world was my clay!

I used to mould, write, scribble and destroy,
But everyone gave me more toys,
Then I started thinking and learning new ways,
The more I learn, I understood that nothing stays!

The world which at first was my friend,
Now they all have told me to pay their rents,
They who used to love me so much,
Now gets jealous even if I get a bunch!

They now look at me with green eyes,
They demotivate me if I fail in my tries,
They now call me dumb and stupid,
But they were also the ones who loved this stupid!

They have now started seeing me as someone to judge,
They all have now started holding a deep and immense grudge,
They now push me so that I fall,
But once they used to pick me up when I fall!

I can feel only myself in this crowd,
But this soothing corner is so proud,
Seems as if it still cares for me,
Or am I imagining something I want to see?

I love this soothing corner in this black sea,
This corner makes my emptiness flee!


You really write beautifully…:ok_hand::+1: Keep inking


Thank you so much‚Äč:heart::heart::heart:

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nice post, good composition

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Nice post. :black_heart:

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Thank you so much!!:heart::heart::heart:

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