Colourful she

I saw her coming towards me with a packet of Abir in her hand. I, who was busy selecting the colours, was awestruck. She wore a suit today, a bright yellow suit, which now was covered in multiple colours of Abir

. Her walk made her silver earrings swing in the air like a pendulum and her bright smile made my heart thump wildly. I hastily returned back to my colour selection process trying to quickly settle on a colour.

She finally came to me, opened the Gulaal’s packet she held in her hands and took out a fistful of colour dust.

“Happy Holi!” she said as her palm and slender fingers brushed against my cheeks leaving them pink. Her touch made me still. A few seconds later, I managed to apply the colour which I selected onto her cheeks. "Happy Holi,” I said. My greetings were returned with a confused expression on her face.

She looked into my eyes with curiosity and asked me, “I have been noticing that you have applied different colours to everyone. Why?”

I was caught red-handed, literally.

“Umm… I wished to do something different this Holi. Hence, I came up with this idea of colours of expression; letting the colours speak for themselves and for me,” I replied in the most poetic way possible.

“And what’s that? What is it you want to say?”

“For example, everyone knows about the fight I had with Mahesh. Since it’s Holi, I applied white colour on him as an expression of peace, as an expression of our new friendship. Similarly, blue colour for Shivani as an expression of literature. I love her poems, well, who doesn’t?”

“That’s impressive!” she replied.

I had nothing to reply to this. Not even a thank you. Maybe I was waiting for her to push her conclusive skills and at the same time wasn’t ready to face the very same bigger conclusion.

“Okay then, enjoy!” I said and immediately felt that saying a thank you could have pushed the conversation a bit further. But I believe that in these cases even the Gods in heaven would have lost their senses and behaved dumb.

As I was about to leave, she called my name. I stayed. She was looking into my eyes in the same way as before. I too was the same, as still as a target about to be hit by the Cupid’s arrow. She ran her long fingers on her soft cheeks. The red-coloured dust was now on her fingers. I was way too clueless to understand what she was doing. Was I in trouble? Was the cat finally out of the bag? Was I going to receive a slap? Most importantly, will she understand?

“Happy Holi, again!” she said and blushed. Her fingers found my hands as she leaned close towards me and applied the red from her cheeks to mine.


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