Close to myself

Only myself …

far away from all worldly chores
beyond all fair fairy tales.
I m on the shore of reality.
The waves are signing towards
the ending point.
But i am not here to put an end
to my breathes.
All the heroes of valour tales,
can’t wean my way from me.
I carried myself away from
For they say ,have control over
five doors of knowledge
i am not deity or saint.
That’s can’t be my path
to walk without colours or
So i am here in my colours n
With all my fairy to wild
imagination .
I set pace with time
to taste more ,
to see more.
To tell more
to express more
i shall live here.
So i am here
with this sea
to take some patience
and to learn how to go forth
with bitterness.
And finally to learn
how to attract rivers of
Close to myself again.
©Kavita verma


You’re Super!

Loved this one.

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