Circle of life

C hances are we will drop in and out of love more than twice in our lifetime
I n those junctures sometimes we want to curl up and die inside
R eflecting back on the time our paths crossed and smile to ourselves an inward
C aress of thoughts soothing the mind to not dwell on the hurt searing your heart
L eaving you with the feeling of being eviscerated mentally as if, the sun & moon
E clipsed across your soul draining you
O f your life force to ever want to love again
F retting over what causes the in and out of loving someone
L ove is suppose to be a many splendid thing, but, the heart can be torn
I nto fragments dragging the mind and soul in discombobulating directions
F eigning an indifference as if, love didn’t really matter
E verything in life happens for one reason or another, so, we fall in and out of love


Wooww… u are a pro

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