Change in weather

Change in weather

( collection of my words)

Gone all my wet rainy days.
When All my little shy dreams used to fondle n tickle my fairy body .

But see now the harsh change !!!
the rough hard cold days are wrapping all my soft dreams, into its hard n’ dead coat .

The little purly pinky drops of rain that used to showered love upon me…
Is now dried up coz of harsh dry freezing cold…
( the change that has dried up my life like ashes)
I liked all those silent poetry of thou,
when the little golden heavenly charm used to drop
upon my body castle
and i felt the wonder of your elixir .
how it entered into my soul through this castle…
i celebrated your wet beauty,
shy with dawn reddish for getting your wetness.
i refused sun…!!
But now the change has happened with me…
These cold n sharp winds blowing n’ mocking at me these dark mists,
standing like wall aganist me and ahhhhh!!!
Again i am surrounded
by your confusing dew
whether they are result of clouds’ weeping
or the sweat of night queen caused by her dancing throughout the dark.
But still wait this grey coloured weather is not for me , always i can see my rosy days.
They are far off but still waiting for me,
with a wonder hiding in eyes of time .
i m going to join my new destination… …
©kavita verma
8:21am 20 oct.2013



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