I have a challenge for everyone. Paid it forward. Do something nice for one person. Ask then to paid it back . Be kind one another. This world been drove alot . We all are scare . Everyone deserves a chance . Said something nice to someone. Ask then there are OK. Challenge your self . It just takes one person to make a change. We need more kind people in this world. This world is full of hate . Everytime I see News it make me cry. People need to work together. Why does it take something to happen to get people together. We should be together all the time . When we all fight together. Change happens. Just take one person. Hate don’t belong to this world. This world was made with love . Love is the answer. Be kind to one another. Bring someone up . Help someone when there down . Money don’t make you happy. Money make you comfortable. That difficult. That why the rich not happy . There forget where there came from bottom. Just like everyone. Why can’t the rich help other? Because there don’t want to be remain them self . Maybe if there gave back . There will be happy to gave back. If you gave , God will gave back . You are blessed. This world have to change. It just take one person to gave back . Make a stand . We all live in this one world. We should all get alone . We all have gift so use it. Make a stand. This two years be hard . This world is divided in everything. But we all the same . We all have one father. We all brothers and sisters. We have to do better. That why I challenge you to paid it forward. Help one person. Tell that person to paid it forward. Be kind one another. Let stop hate .Let help each other . Challenge someone to be kind. This world need to heal . We been drove alot. We are strong. We need to help the weak . Let are voice be hear. Let have perfect picture. What the world can be. I won’t be the last to said All life matters . We are all one . doesn’t Matter , color, race , see, etc. We all equal. I pray for are fruter children. Can be there self. With out being Juge . There don’t see color. There see people. There brother and sister. It like virus it don’t care who he or she kills . Only way to kill it if we stick together. We need to be united for are further. We are the first teacher as parents who teach are kids . Teach love to them . Not hate. There learn from us . I Challenge everyone be kind to one another . Challenge yourself. Let the light shine on us . We need pictures perfect world. Don’t forget when you wake up challenge yourself for a better day . When you wake up count your blessings. That God gave you another day. So spread the blessing. By giving back to someone. Paid in forward. Challenge yourself.


Beautiful. :heart:

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