Challenge of the week(life quote on an experience)

The challenge of this week is

Write a quote about life that includes an experience of your own

An advice, an opinion, a memory; write anything and give your experience a creative form. :writing_hand:

Per person, only one reply is allowed. Reply with maximum likes will win. This challenge will end at midnight next Saturday.

All the best. :slightly_smiling_face:


End Became The Start…

She never looked for a relationship,
But was soon gifted with one.
New to the feelings,
Didn’t understand how she started,
Walking on the way of becoming a timid…
All the things she saw and did,
Were always dictated by him.
Trusting and accepting on all that he gave,
Only made her a pawn in his hands…
In her heart she knew what’s happening,
But couldn’t raise her voice.
Fearing of loosing him, always kept her at bay.
Always thought that one day he will surely,
Give her some face and would appreciate her efforts…
Unknown to his intentions she always gave in.
One day something unexpected happened,
She lost all her colour’s.
Miraculously he supported and
Became so kind and soft hearted towards her.
Which made her throw in love with him again…
Days went by and she noticed him going away,
Why? Was the question she never knew the answer of.
Trying to keep the relationship save,
She even got ready to become his slave just to be with him…
Days with disappointment ended.
When he said " I can’t go through this life with you. Let’s break up. My family is not ready to accept you. I’m sorry."
She like a fool in his love believed each word he spoke,
And decided to set him free just to keep his family’s peace…
Days and months went by soon his birthday came.
She decided to meet him just for sometime,
And started planning for his surprise.
Her friends kept looking not able to decide what to say anymore…
After having enough of her nonsense about his love,
Her friends decided to end it up.
Told all the things they knew and
Shook her hard to wake up.
Only to find her in critical condition for year’s…
Soon enough with the encouragement and support,
From her friends she started rising slowly.
Only to see that the friends were also scheming,
In another form to let her go in sufferings…
Lots and lots of times she failed to climb,
But didn’t give up, being fully determined.
With a tortoise space she made it half way up,
Along with new friends she got new experiences…
Certainly though she got bruised badly,
In the process of climbing from the pit.
But determination was the only key,
That she could relay on…
Her dreams sure got crushed,
But she built new dreams with her family’s and friends support.
Now she has her own identity,
Love from all the people.
Which makes her feel special for herself…
Sure there’s a long way still to go.
But she thanks the person because of whom,
She could rise to this height.
She learned that the end was the beginning,
Of her new life, Of her new chapter which needed to be polished.
Like a diamond is needed to be polished for shinning brightly…

  • Easha Patil (Desire).

fantastic post @eashapatil13 :ok_hand:
very nicely and precisely fabricated
Welcome to YoAlfaaz family
keep writing and sharing :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s really greatly expressed. :heart:
Welcome to YoAlfaaz. :hugs:
Hope to see more of your words. :blush:


Thank you so much sir…:blush::blush:

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Thank you :blush::blush::blush:

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सबक हज़ार है ज़िंदगी तेरे,
दोस्ती, प्यार, या अपनों से मिले धोके जैसे,
दोस्ती इतनी ना निभाओ की दुशमन ओर दोस्त का फर्क भुल जाओ,
प्यार इतना ना निभाओ की उससे पाने की चाह में उसकी गलतियां भुल जाओ,
खुद से ज़्यादा किसी को इतना ना जताओ की हाथ उठाए वो ओर तुम अपना स्वाभिमान भुल जाओ,
ओर अपनी ज़िन्दगी के फैसले किसी दुसरो के हवाले इतना ना करो कि ज़िन्दगी तुम्हारी है तुम ये तक भुल जाओ,
सबको दिल का हाल इतना ना सुनाओ की वो पीट पीछे हसेंगे ये तक भुल जाओ,
हां दुनीया में जीना है लेकिन दुनिया के हिसाब से इतना ना जइयो की खुद को भुल जाओ,
दुख हज़ार होंगे तुम्हारे दिल में पर तुम हस्ना ना भुल जाओ,
ये दुनीया वाले जब तुम्हे याद करे तो तुम उसमे इतना ना खो जाओ की दुनिया मतलबी है ये भुल जाओ,
ओर सबक आयेंगे ज़िन्दगी मैं हज़ार पर तुम जीना ना भुलाओ,
इसलिए अये दर्द अये रुसवाई से सबक लो,
पर जब कुछ नाया करो ज़िन्दगी से मिले इन सबक को ना भुल जाऊ …

~anjali @Nagma_lafzo_ka


जिंदगी में कभी मत होइए हताश,
भगवान बहुत दयावान,
अगर एक रास्ता हुआ बंद,
तो दुसरा खोलेगा तुरंत।
बस होंसला रखिए,
खूब मेहनत करीए,
सही दिशा पकड़ीए,
निरंतर आगे बढ़ते रहिए।
कभी अच्छे काम से मत मुंह मोड़ीए,
शायद जब आप मुड़े,
उसके अगले ही पल कामयाब हो जाते,
अगर डटे रहते।