Chaa rather we say Tea

“Where are you?”
“Behind you”, he said and hugged me.

I almost find myself smiling at the thought of him. We had a few terrible fights, and sad decisions and we weren’t worth all the pain and troubles, but I almost find myself smiling at the thought of him. Out of all the things that I would like to change about the past, I would keep these memories even if together we were bad.

“So, tea?”
We walk into the cafe and sit near the window. He looked as good as he looked in the pictures. Yes, I have seen him before a lot of times but we never talked. This was the first time we met.

“I prefer a Latte. You?”, I asked him.
“Um, black coffee with no sugar.”
“Okay, I have never told this to anyone. I love green tea .”
“So many calories? You are—”
“Hot. I know. I just pretend that I take extra care of my body, but secretly I live for such food.”

I laugh and look at him. Behind his tough sharp look, he was a cute kid who jumps when he see his favorite things.

“So, how would you like a long drive? I mean if you still have time”, he asks politely.

When I go back to my hometown, my mother doesn’t negotiate in the mornings anymore. She makes tea and wakes me up. We sit and sip it from the same old coffee mugs, and I don’t mention that I no longer like tea.


You are priceless. :heart:


Hahaha thank you so much :grin:


Chai, Indian - energy drink :joy::joy::joy:

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Haha yes

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