-Alveera Hafeez

You don’t know how it feels,
You don’t know how it steals,
My patience, my calmness,
Everything fades in darkness.

The emptiness within me,
Usually meets and rarely flee,
The burden of not having you,
It’s more painful than having flu.

No one can take your place,
You will always have your space,
I know I can’t stop you,
But still I love you.

I want to cry on your shoulder all night,
I want to stop you with all my might,
I want to hug you one last time,
Because I know I can’t stop you, not this time.

I have moved on from that crossroad,
But still I keep on turning back,
May be, you might be standing this time,
With your cute smile and the old sack.


Deep. :blue_heart:

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Thank u❤

Well penned :slight_smile::heart:

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Thanks! :heart: