Everything is so calm around,

No vehicles or people walking here,

Roads are empty, so are the parks,

With no people at all anywhere!

All of us stuck inside our homes,

Scared of the Corona Virus,

If it is anywhere around,

Maintaining distance from everyone now!

Nowhere to go…

As the whole city is closed,

No maids to help…

As they too are stuck in their homes!

One thing is good though,

The air is cleaner now,

And no noise pollution around,

Our Ozone layer is healing I heard!

Peacocks and deer are seen on the roads,

Birds are heard chirping again,

Squirrels and butterflies are out on the trees,

Don’t know where they had been, a few days ago!

We need to learn a lesson from this,

That we need to sometimes stop and stare,

Not always in the maddening life’s race,

We have lost out on much all these days!

At least now, after the virus goes away,

We have to live along with our surroundings too,

Go slow and be generous to the other living beings here,

As the world belongs to them as much as it is ours too!

Jacqueline Lobo John


This is the reality of current scenario… beautifully written ma’am :clap::clap:

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Yes, all of us in it right now :grin: Thank you @Ankit_Dhoundiyal

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So calm that sometime it feels like everything is stopped!

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Yes…imagine almost the whole world is calm now…that’s how you feel the STOP.

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