Burning forests will kill you one day

When they shall not be in existence and only human blocks be all around like concrete forests then it would be a painful sight.
The diseases, illness and impact of pollution will be on toxic levels with other syclical challenges rising and hurting human lifestyle as well.
And Life on earth will expound to such a dimention where recovery from nature might hardly be possible due to absence of such great carbon sinks with greenery.
In this way we need to aware ourselves, have to save them and shall stand together as most responsible life force to earth in conserving them.
Or when they are completely burnt then their form in Burning forests with memories and conditions shall kill you one day.
And that all will only be because you were not up to the task and you did not protect them back in past indeed…


Forest is actually nature, creater of this world. If we continue this harsh treatment on them, we too will end some day.

yes great thoughts by u also