Burning Asia completed 3 years

This book is a vivid piece of poetry in political form that was first published as Ebook on Lulu Publishers Inc located in USA on 1st of November 2016 through support of Nick sir and Priya madam with her great cartoons and hence has been well read and enjoyed all around the world in last three years of it’s existence.
The work has got great attention in last three years that first started from America, expanded in Southern and Northern parts, started to influence in the other parts of Developed countries, and from the Asian countries to great African brains all have enjoyed the fragrence the political poetry has presented through efforts of the author and the Ebook has become to inspire all and enjoy the work around.
It has got basic 4.2 ratings in the US digital community, 4 out of 5 ratings in European stores with other translations, 4.3 out of 5 ratings in the Asian blogging review community, and hence through support of a prominent publisher like Lulu and all the publisher where the work has been distributed like Kobo, Amazon, Applebooks, Scribd, Bookmate, Book shout and co, and all other the work has been a great response for Mr. pant as an author who feels delightful.
Thus on the day when the work was created being, it’s birthday today on 1st of Novk, the author wants to express gratitude to parents and family, author team both Online and in Mumbai offices, all the influences by support of the global reach with bloggers and honorary online holding distributers and all who were involved since now are expressed gratitude on this day when Burning Asia: the present image came alive back on 1st of November 2016.
Lastly the author hopes that readers would continue to love the work, shall continue to give their valuable time for the work and these 3 years are only the beginning years and the image of the work shall continue to exist, Till more works come readers keep reading, keep supporting and continue to make him a better author, For now as it is said it’s cheers from charlie…


Great. :blush:


you are awesome bro
and you are currently the only one to write such descriptive art and that too so efficiently
keep growing and shining bhai

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Thanks for ur encouragement, surely will continue to write…