Broken pens and torn pages (Loop poetry)

Torn pages and broken pens
Pens broken out of frustration
Frustration by a sudden inability
Inability of putting words to emotions
Emotions created out of complications
Complications questioning stability
Stability of the mind
Mind which seems stressed
Stressed lately by the lack
Lack of solutions for the intrication
Intrication caused due to a problem
Problem of being unable to write
Write like i used to, at will
“Will i be able to write again?
Again with the same confidence
Confidence and the spark
Spark that created notable poems
Poems on love sorrow and life.”
Life has levelled up, its not the same i used to have back then.
Then where lies the problem?
Problem lies in me maybe
Maybe i too need to up the ante!
Ante my prices ! I am not going to struggle any more
More would be the solutions and less questions now
Now there wont be torn pages and broken pens any more.
More would only be, the epic poems and cheers of “encore”.


These use of words present and stress the idea on reader very well.
Good work

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amazing interesting post friend :slightly_smiling_face: