Broken heart

To heal the pain

A heart that belongs to a child
That is confused and hurt
A child that has nothing left to loose
Who’s parents treat them like dirt

A heart that’s wrecked
So badly torn
By cold hearted people
Since the say they were born

A heart that begins to heal
With a strangers loving care
A person to stop the hurt
And slowly it will repair

A heart that’s taped
Taped together again for now
Shielded from the pain
Or it will bend and bow
A heart that’s understanding
Their life wasn’t right for so long
And then some strangers helped
To turn right from wrong
A heart that is still broken
But it is hiding inside
It’s covered by a thin layer of hope
From the people that listened while they cried

A heart like any other
The only difference is this
A history of hurt and pain
So much love they did miss

A heart that’s cried out
For so very long
And now the crying’s slowly changing to a joyful song

A heart that’s more healed then broken
Happier than before
Because a stranger chose to love them
And they will love many more

Lots of broken hearts healed from the pain
All bandaged up by someone
Who chose to love and guide them
Until their pain was gone and done.


your writing is awesome…

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Amazing lines.

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Thank you so much :hugs: sweetie

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Thank you so much :hugs: