Bring me back

Just bring me back…

I am a child yet on the heart,
the path is not clear.

So be my vision dear.
Across this dark fog
and long session.
i am all alone.
just bring me back to my plain.
it’s not so plain and easy
only my small window is my own,
the days are passing through here,
but i am still here.
dates after dates,
and months lead the year…
Just bring me back to my innocent moment.
In the blink of my eye,
and whispering a word
you change your disguise time.
i am afraid.
i am not able to sit or stand.
i am not ready to swim.
i just want to float.
just bring me bring to my small boat.
This may be fancy,
but this shore is not real.
just brink me back to my sea



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