Breathing inspiration

The storm that rages
Is similar thoughts of the one that wages
Deep within my being.
So much so, I intend depart
From this locked inside.
I wish I could hide.
But you can’t hide from you,
No matter what it is you do.
Sometimes I just want to scream
And shake myself from this dream.
Or nightmare is more like it.
That description, a more accurate fit.
Drowning in thoughts, desperate for release.
Hoping above hope for it all to cease.
Darkness slowly enveloping me.
This occurs on a daily, you see.
The battle for my sanity.
Much like most of humanity.
The pain is far too deep.
I can’t even escape it when I sleep.
For as soon as I close my eyes,
My inner workings plan my demise.
The darkness fights for dominion.
While the light wrestles for the win.
Every day is a battle, my life a war.
I know exactly what the fight is for.
It’s to see who’ll have control of my mind.
Will it be darkness or light? What will they find?


Well expressed…

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