Breast cancer awareness

The clashes against breast cancer doesn’t gets simple over time,
Thanks to many donations women won’t have to pay a dime.
As a woman I’ve known many women who have been knowing the pai through it,
A woman’s intuition is to never stop and say that they’ll just quit.
All anyone can do for a woman who is going through the process,
Is to find within themselves someplace where there’s no stress.
Everyone has taken time to pray that she’s going to be cured,
Once the doctors tell her then she can finally be reassured.
We know there are millions of women around the world,
Doctors and scientists are working to find how they can be cured.
Breast cancer has been known to run in a family’s members trait,
It hasn’t before and seems like it’s never going to discriminate.
The smartest scientist are doing their best to find out some answers,
So that one day women never have to fight against any cancers.
Each month be sure to check your breasts,
To ensure there aren’t any unwanted guests.
Cancer’s next victim I will not be,
Checking yourself is the key.
Lumps and bumps I hope not to find,
Terrible tricks cancer plays on the mind.
A doctor’s visit once a year,
Will help to be sure you’re in the clear.
The battle with cancer many have lost,
Not checking monthly isn’t worth the cost.
October we celebrate those who fought and won,
And searching for a cure is never done.
You could be next if you don’t stop and think,
October…breast cancer awareness…yes…I will think pink!


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